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Browse our specially chosen selection of luxury motor yachts available for private motor yacht rental in the prime yachting destinations of the Mediterranean and the Bahamas. Explore the perfect motor vessel for your unforgettable luxury yacht charter, whether it's for a day, a week, or a weekend charter.

Our crewed yacht fleet of Prestige 680s are for those, who search for modern and personalised but also intimate luxury yacht charter vacations filled with relaxation, joy and adventure. Book your crewed Yacht Charter Escape!

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New Yachts
All our yachts are on average not older than 4 years old. Onboard stabilizers, effectively reduce seasickness for a smooth cruise.
Safe and Crewed Yacht Rental
Our modern yachts are equipped with a defibrillator, and our crew is first-aid trained, emphasizing our commitment to your well-being and peace of mind.
Best Price with Direct Booking
Charter directly with us to bypass costly agency fees and for the best charter experience without misunderstandings – Our Yachts, Our Management.

Discover Our Modern Yacht Charter Fleet

Browse our special selection of luxurious motor vessels available for private motor yacht rental.


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Featured Yacht Trips in the Mediterranean & Bahamas

View our most popular yacht charter itineraries in the Bahamas or along the French and Italian Riviera.

“Many thanks to the Romy One team for the beautiful, carefree and relaxed times full of unique moments – the arrival in the picturesque harbour of Saint Tropez with the berth in front of the Sénéquier will remain unforgettable for us.”

Cynthie & Robert

“Dear Captain and Crew of the Romy One, a wonderful Grand Prix Historique weekend in Monaco is drawing to a close and we just don't want to get off the boat... We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your loving hospitality on land and sea - it doesn't get any better than this. final stand! We hope to see you again soon. Hummel, Hummel - Mors, Mors!”

Emily Schmidt

“We’ve had an amazing week in paradise. The mood, the food, the humour of the staff… Everything was outstanding. We really felt like home.”

Jennifer & Robert

“We had the time of our life on the Apollonia, thanks to the crew. They went above and beyond to make us all comfortable. We gained 2 friends. Not only was our journey beautiful, they made us feel safe. We will never forget this trip and the amazing memories.”

Jilan & Iztok

“A day on the boat with Carla & Niklas was the best day ever. The children and we enjoyed the stories from Niklas and enjoyed the kindness and cooking skills from Carla. Thank you so much ❤️! We hope to see you this summer in St. Tropez.”

Vincent, Tess, Livia & Joe
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