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Genoa – A Coastal Gem of Culture, Cuisine, and Adventure

Genoa, or Genova, graces the captivating Ligurian coast, offering a vibrant fusion of historical charm in its old town and a modern, cosmopolitan atmosphere. As a bustling port city, Genoa is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, vibrant nightlife, and mouthwatering cuisine. Genoa serves as an exceptional launching point for luxury yachts, allowing yacht charter guests to embark on thrilling adventures along the Italian Riviera and explore nearby islands such as Elba and Corsica.

The city is famous for its delicious cuisine, especially its fresh seafood dishes, and upscale charter guests can indulge in the finest dining experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants and trendy bars. Shopping enthusiasts can stroll along the narrow streets of the historic centre, lined with artisanal boutiques and designer shops.

Available Yachts in Genoa

Available Yachts in Genoa

M/Y Apollonia
Nassau, Bahamas
12 Guests
$ 5,500

Available Yachts in Genoa

What to do in Genoa?

As a bustling port city, Genoa boasts a compelling blend of the ancient charm found in its Old Harbor, Centro Storico, and historic landmarks, all while embracing a vibrant and modern atmosphere. Here are the top places to visit and the most enriching things to do in this remarkable city:

  • Visit the Old Harbor Porto Antico: Begin your journey at the Old Harbor, Porto Antico, a bustling waterfront area filled with shops, restaurants, and attractions like the renowned Aquarium of Genoa.
  • Explore the Historic City Center Centro Storico: Wander through the historic heart of Genoa, Centro Storico, where narrow streets lead to hidden gems, medieval architecture, and vibrant piazzas.
  • Indulge in Delicious Seafood, Pesto Sauce, and Focaccia Bread: Satisfy your taste buds with delectable Ligurian cuisine. Enjoy fresh seafood, homemade pesto sauce, and the iconic focaccia bread that Genoa is famous for.
  • Visit the Cathedral of San Lorenzo: Discover the architectural marvel of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, a stunning example of Gothic-Romanesque design with a rich history.
  • Visit the Most Popular Viewpoints: Spianata Castelletto and Righi Hill: Ascend to the city's highest points at Spianata Castelletto and Righi Hill to capture panoramic views that showcase Genoa's beauty from above.
  • Discover the Local Culture: Attend Concerts, Exhibitions, and Festivals Throughout the Year: Immerse yourself in the local culture by attending concerts, art exhibitions, and festivals held throughout the year, celebrating the city's vibrant artistic and musical scene.

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